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Wareham Town Council is committed to working in partnership with our community and other agencies to provide easy access to efficient services and strive to enhance the quality of social and economic life for the people of Wareham and its businesses.

In support of the Council's Mission Statement, the following aims are adopted:
To promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of Wareham.
To enhance the quality of life of those living in, working in and visiting the Town.
To continue our development as a community-based consultative and participative Council.
To work towards securing healthy, safe and active communities in Wareham.
To support the protection and enhancement of the environment.
To work in partnership with organisations and individuals towards the achievement of these aims.

The Council believes in:

• Promoting the well-being of the Town and its residents
This includes respect for people and places, creating a sense of belonging, raising awareness of environmental issues, improving the quality of the environment, and encouraging an environmentally friendly ethos.

• Protecting Wareham's vitality and viability as a commercial centre and visitor attraction
We will endeavour to co-operate with the commercial and business sectors of the Town, its trade and industry, maintaining partnerships with local bodies to do so and assisting in the promotion of tourism and the Town's attractions to our many visitors.

• Supporting the Community
We will help to generate local ideas and responses to address local needs; the Council may trigger and nurture ideas itself but, in addition, it will help people to organise and encourage people to act on their own initiative.

Involving others and working in partnership
We can only understand, learn and respond effectively to the range of problems and issues faced by local communities through partnerships and involving others in the process; in so doing, we will explore new ways of working and expect to draw on help in kind and other resources from a wide range of organisations, groups and individuals.

• Equality and fairness
We welcome the richness and variety that diversity brings to the Town. It is important that all citizens have equal access to the Council and are treated fairly. We will encourage everyone to participate in the decision making process, and will consider all representations made and viewpoints put forward in making those decisions.

• Being approachable, welcoming, open and honest
The way in which the Council works helps to build understanding, trust and confidence in those with whom and for whom we work. Whatever decisions we reach, we hope that all those involved in the process will support the approach we follow.

• Simple, common sense approaches and solutions
The Council will endeavour to use a common sense approach to resolve today's complex issues and to formulate solutions which offer value for money and efficiency. The Council must always be mindful of its limited resources.

Adopted December 2012
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