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Mesolithic to Iron Age
Excavations at Bestwall has produced evidence of early Mesolithic activity dating to around 9000 BC. So far this is the earliest known use of the land. The first 'site' comprised an area of flint knapping.

At the same site typical Neolithic flint tools (4000-2000 BC) consisting of worked arrowheads and scrapers have been found.

Flint working continued throughout the Bronze Age (2000-800 BC). To date eight Bronze Age houses have been located. Field boundaries in the form of ditches divided up the land and crops of barley, wheat and Celtic beans were grown. The excavation at Bestwall has produced the largest assemblage of Middle Bronze Age pottery in this country. Three Middle Bronze Age cremations have been identified, a man, a woman and an infant, were all interred in plain urns.

Pottery production continued during the Iron Age. A settlement area, dating to about 200 BC, has been identified. Enclosure ditches surrounded a round house and large amounts of pottery and a complete quern stone suggest that this was still an agricultural based society.
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Neolithic Cornish granite hand axe found in 2000 at Bestwall Late Iron Age pot discovered at the Bestwall site in 2002
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